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Welcome to the Snap! Wiki!

The Snap! Wiki is a wiki about Snap! (Build Your Own Blocks). Snap! (formally BYOB) is a visual programming-language inspired by Scratch, featuring more features than Scratch, such as first class procedures, lists, and sprites, and the ability to add blocks and reporters.

when flag clicked
say [I am very confused about Snap!] for (2) seconds
visit [] :: sensing
for each ((item)) in (list [blocks] [features] [and others] @delInput @addInput)  {
    think [hmm...] for (2) seconds :: looks
    say (join [I now know about ] (item) [.] @delInput @verticalEllipsis @addInput)
    wait (0.5) seconds
say [That clears some things up.] for (2) seconds

Movement & Direction
A sprite has a position (x, y) and a direction. The X of the position is the horizontal one, it goes left to right. The Y of the position is the vertical one, it goes down to up. The direction (angle) is where the sprite points at. 90 is right, 270/-90 is left, 180 is down, and 0 is up...